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PS: Blup is giving out invites from 20th Aug.

Tom liked 3 months ago

"How to get started with Blup?" guide.

Let's get started with Blup.
Let's get started with Blup.

Step 1. 

  • Simple, just download Blup application .zip file (only windows, right now) from

Step 2. 

  • UnZip the .zip file.

Step 3.

  • Go to Blup.exe & run it.


Shubham liked 3 months ago

Widgets Introduction | List | AKA FlexiList

List Widget | Blup
List Widget | Blup

List widget aka FlexiList. 

It can be used whenever you need to iterate finite or infinite data.

Shubham liked 3 months ago

Widgets Introduction | Rectangle | AKA SuperRectangle.

Rectangle Widget | Blup
Rectangle Widget | Blup

Rectangle widget aka SuperRectangle is a multi-purpose widget.

It can be used as Image, Gif, Card, Circle, Line, Container, Button, Group, List | with colored shadows, borders, fills and much more.

Shubham liked 3 months ago

List of keyboard shortcuts for Blup.

Shift+Left ClickMulti-select widgets.
Ctrl+gConvert selected widgets into a Group.
Ctrl+hConvert selected widgets into a ScrollView.
Ctrl+pConvert selected widgets into a PageList.
Ctrl+Shift+gUndo Group.
Ctrl+Shift+hUndo ScrollView.
vToggle cursor back to normal.
ArrowKeys (↑→←)Move selected widgets with 1 pixel.
Shift+(↑→←)Move selected widgets with 20 pixels.
DelDelete selected widgets.